How to use Decode Biome Test

Learn how to use the microbiome test and send the sample back to us.

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Guide to Using the Decode Biome Test for Gut Microbiome Analysis

The Decode Biome Test offers valuable insights into your digestive health through gut microbiome analysis. To ensure accurate and reliable results, it's important to follow the correct procedure for sample collection and kit registration. Here's a detailed guide to help you through the process:

Important Points to Note for Successful Gut Microbiome Analysis

Ensuring Accurate Sample Collection

The collection of a stool sample is not just a step in the process; it's the cornerstone of your gut microbiome analysis. The accuracy of this sample directly influences the quality of the insights you'll gain. Avoiding resampling, which incurs additional costs of Rs. 2400, hinges on the precision of your sample collection. Here’s how you can ensure it:

  • Collect Correctly:

    • The process of collecting your stool sample is critical. It must be done with care to reflect the true state of your gut microbiome. Ensure you follow the instructions meticulously. Every detail, from how you collect to how much you collect, matters significantly.

  • Provide Accurate Information:

    • Alongside the physical sample, the information you provide is key. This data helps contextualize your sample in terms of your health, lifestyle, and other factors that might influence your gut microbiome.

Special Note for Women

The intricacies of the female body, especially the menstrual cycle, can impact the gut microbiome analysis:

  • Menstrual Cycle Consideration:

    • The menstrual cycle can introduce variables that may affect the analysis. We recommend scheduling your sample collection either before or after your menstrual period. This precaution is vital to prevent any hormonal or biological interferences that could contaminate the sample, ensuring the most accurate representation of your gut microbiome.

Post-Recovery or Exposure Waiting Period

Your body's recovery phase is a time of significant change, particularly for your gut microbiome:

  • Post-Illness or Antibiotic Use

    • If you've recently recovered from an illness or have been exposed to antibiotics, it's crucial to allow your gut microbiome time to stabilize. This stabilization ensures that the analysis reflects your normal gut flora, not one that is temporarily altered due to recent medical conditions or treatments.

Preventing Sample Contamination

The integrity of your stool sample is paramount:

  • Avoid Urine or Blood Mixing

    • A common pitfall in stool sample collection is contamination with urine or blood. This contamination can skew the analysis, leading to inaccurate results. Ensuring your bladder is empty before sample collection is a simple yet effective step to maintain the purity of your stool sample.

Collecting Your Sample

Kit Contents:

  • Gloves

  • 2 Biodegradable flushable papers

  • Sample collection tube with scoop

  • Return cover


  1. Label the tube: Label it with the patient's name and date of sample collection.

  2. Wear Gloves: Wear the gloves provided to maintain hygiene.

  3. Prepare Toilet: Place one biodegradable paper on the toilet seat, ensuring it doesn't touch the water.

  4. Collect Stool: After bowel movement, stir the stool with the scoop and add two scoops to the tube.

  5. Seal the Tube: Close the tube tightly to prevent leakage or contamination.

  6. Dispose of Paper: Tear the paper and flush it. If it doesn’t flush immediately, wait 15 minutes and try again.

  7. Store the Sample: Place the tube in the clear bag, and store it at room temperature. Dispose of gloves properly.

Additional Tips

  • Prevent Prolonged Exposure: Don't leave the tube open for long periods.

  • Handle With Care: Avoid placing the scoop on any surface and spilling the contents.

Register Your Kit

Using Decode Age App for Decode Biome Registration:

  1. Download App: Download the Decode Age app for easy registration. Click here

  2. Log In and Register: Log into your account and choose 'Register Kit'.

  3. Enter Kit Code: Find the Kit Code mentioned on your tube and enter it without spaces.

  4. Fill Out Form: Complete the registration form with the necessary details.

Alternative Registration:

If you face issues with the app, register your kit at

  1. Open Link or Scan QR Code: click on

    or Open the Link

  2. Log In: Log into your account.

  3. Kit Code: Enter the Kit Code as instructed.

  4. Complete Form: Fill out the necessary information for registration.

Returning Your Sample

Once you've completed the registration process, we will proceed with scheduling a pickup. Our logistics partner will come to collect the sample from your doorstep at the scheduled time. If you encounter any issues with the pickup process, you have the option to send the sample directly to us at our address. To return the sample, place the tube securely in the provided test box. Put it in the return cover and make sure to seal it properly.

Direct Mail Option: If needed, mail the sample to our lab. Place the tube in the test box, put it in the return cover, and seal it properly.

Send your kit to the following address:

Centenarians Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

No. 7, 1, Haudin Rd, Halasuru,

Yellappa Chetty Layout,

Sivanchetti Gardens,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042

Awaiting Results

  • Receiving Results: Results will be sent to your registered WhatsApp number, Decode Age App, and email within 3-4 weeks.

  • Consultation: Once your result is available, we will help you schedule a free consultation with our nutrigenomics expert for a detailed understanding of your report.

For further assistance or queries, contact our support team at 9009003095 or [email protected].

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