Cash on Delivery: How Does It Work at Decode Age?

Opt for convenience with COD at Decode Age in select cities. Restrictions apply for high-value orders.

Using Cash on Delivery for Your Purchase

Cash on Delivery (COD) is an option for customers in certain areas, providing a flexible payment method when your items arrive. You can select the COD payment method when placing your order.

Choosing COD for Your Purchase

Cash on Delivery is a great payment option if you're looking for convenience and flexibility when shopping. You can select the COD payment method when you are placing your order, and pay when the items arrive at your doorstep.

Limits and Locations for COD Options

While COD is widely available to customers in India, orders over Rs. 5000 are excluded to ensure transaction security and efficiency. COD is currently available in most Indian states.

Why Isn't COD Available on All Orders?

High-value orders require prepaid methods to help streamline the delivery process and reduce risks. COD is an option for smaller orders, as prepaid methods are best when you place higher-value orders.

COD vs. Prepaid Payments

The major difference between COD and other prepaid payment methods is that COD customers pay when the order arrives, while those who use prepaid payment methods must pay before orders are dispatched. Orders placed with COD should expect their orders to arrive in 6–8 business days.


Still, Have Questions About COD Payments?

If you need any help when selecting this payment option, please contact our customer service team. They'll be glad to answer your questions about how to use Cash on Delivery for shopping.

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