Why Choose Uthever® NMN Over Regular NMN?

Learn about Decode Age's Uthever® NMN for health and aging. High-quality, tested supplement designed to support your body's energy levels.

Why Choose Decode Age NMN Uthever and not Normal NMN?

  1. Only Clinically Proven and Most Effective: Uthever® NMN is supported by a multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, indicating significant benefits. In middle-aged and older adults, NAD+/NADH levels increased by 38% over 60 days, markedly more than in the placebo group​​.

  2. FDA-Recognized Raw Material: Uthever® uses Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) as its raw material, recognized as safe by the FDA. This ensures the product's quality and safety from the source​​.

  3. Advanced Manufacturing Process: EffePharm adheres to strict production specifications. The NMN raw material production is meticulously recorded and monitored, from procurement to sales, ensuring quality control at every step​​.

  4. Environmentally Responsible Production: The enzymatic biosynthesis of Uthever® utilizes a self-developed biological enzyme, ensuring high conversion rates and selectivity. This process not only ensures product quality and safety but also minimizes pollutant emissions​​.

  5. Purity and Authenticity Assurance: Uthever® NMN's purity and quality are verified through NMR and LC-MS testing, confirming a purity level of no less than 99%. Additionally, it is confirmed to be the biologically active β-type NMN​​.

  6. Third-Party Quality Testing: Each batch of Uthever® undergoes rigorous self-inspection and third-party testing. Collaborations with internationally recognized institutions like Intertek, Summit Labs, and Micro Quality Las ensure the highest standards of quality are met consistently​​.

  7. β-NMN: The Biologically Active Form: NMN exists in two stereoisomers: α-type and β-type. It's important to note that only the β-type NMN possesses biological activity. This means that for NMN supplements to be effective, they need to contain this specific isomer. β-NMN is the form that actively participates in the conversion process to NAD+ and is therefore essential in the supplementation aimed at boosting NAD+ levels in the body​

These attributes solidify Uthever® as a reliable and effective NMN supplement choice, backed by scientific evidence and stringent quality control measures.

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