How does Ca-AKG supplementation reduce biological age?

This article talks about biological age and how Ca-AKG supplementation reduces it.

Understanding Biological Ageing

To understand how Ca-AKG reduces biological age, it's essential to grasp the concept of biological ageing itself. Unlike chronological age, which simply reflects the passage of time, biological age reflects the functional state of an organism's cells and tissues. Biological ageing is influenced by various factors, including oxidative stress, DNA damage, and cellular dysfunction, all of which contribute to the gradual decline in physiological function over time.

Ca-AKG and its Effects on Biological Age

The study investigated the potential of Rejuvant, a natural mocktail comprising Ca-AKG (Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate) and specific vitamins tailored to each sex, in mitigating biological ageing in humans. Employing DNA methylation (DNAm) clocks as a reliable ageing biomarker, the study aimed to assess the impact of Rejuvant supplementation on biological age reversal.

In the study design, 42 individuals were recruited, and they consumed Rejuvant, containing AKG and vitamins, for an average duration of 7 months. DNAm analysis was conducted at baseline and post-rejuvenate supplementation to monitor changes in biological age.

The results were compelling, revealing an average reduction in biological ageing by 8 years among the individuals. This reduction signifies a significant reversal or delay in the ageing process, indicating the potential efficacy of Rejuvant in promoting youthfulness and vitality.

Furthermore, this study observed that Rejuvant exhibited greater benefits among individuals who were both chronologically and biologically older. This finding suggests that Ca-AKG supplementation may be particularly advantageous for individuals facing advanced stages of ageing (Demidenko et al., 2021).


In conclusion, Ca-AKG represents a groundbreaking advance in the field of anti-ageing research, offering a promising strategy for reducing biological age and promoting healthy ageing. By targeting key molecular pathways implicated in ageing processes, Ca-AKG holds the potential to extend lifespan, improve health span, and enhance the quality of life for individuals worldwide.


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